CH-A150-TC Automatic Sealing & Orbital Wrapping Machine

Automatic Sealing & Orbital Wrapping Machine is designed for wrapping of long profiles, such as aluminum profiles, plastic extruded profiles, timber boards & frames. Strech wrapping is a cost effective way to protect these products against dust, moisture or scratching during transport and storage. This machine can be custom engineered according to specific products and different fied requirements.

* PLC control, touch screen user interface.

* Rotation speed and conveyor speed variable, overlapping width could be adjusted according to actual need.

* Pneumatically driven pressing devices effectively hold the products during wrapping.

* Photocell automatically senses the products and start wrapping. Automatic film clamp and cut.

Ring diameter: 1500mm

Rotation speed: 25 - 60 RPM

Wrapping speed: 5 - 8 mtrs /min

Conveyor length: made to order

Power: 3PH 380VAC, 50Hz

Optional: dual carriage system

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