CHZ-500 Automatic Vertical Filling and Sealing Packaging Machine

1.Automatic Filling and Sealing
2.Low Cost and Low Speed Model.Compatible for Small and Medium Industrial Used
3.Easy to Installation, Easy to Used
4. Automatically Weigher

Product Characteristics:

1. Can used for all grain and powder product
2. Adopt Weighing control system technology .
3. Easy operation with reasonable price.
4. Ribbon date printer / collecting turntable is optional.
5. Best after-sale service, with one-year warranty, life-long maintenance
6. Optional : PLC and Global Brand Electrical Parts

Voltage :AC220V ,50HZ
Power :500W
Filling product : Granular / Powder
Filling Model : Vibration Drop
Filling Volume : 100-500gr
Filling Accuracy : +-1 gr
Filling Speed : 15-20 bags/minute
Machine Material : Stainless Steel
Film Type : filter bag/tea bag/plastic bag/alu foil
Sealing Type : Center Seal
Bag Size : Width 0-190mm, Length 0-220mm
Machine Weight : 75 kg
Machine Dimension : 460x590x1400mm

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